SU Elections

Written by Rebecca Lane


By Leeds Beckett Student Union

With the Leeds Beckett University’s Student Union elections coming up, I thought I’d write a topical post about why voting is important – not just in SU elections, but in any election that could have the potential the effect your everyday life.

If you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice, an opinion, in the decision making for anything. Whether that’s in the country, in your town or in your school. It gives you the power to decide how things are run by voting for the person or party you believe is best for the job. Your local MPs are there to represent you, if you don’t vote then you are silent, you are just in the statistic that doesn’t vote and it’s scary how many people that contains – 34% of registered voters did not vote in the 2015 General Election. Can you imagine the difference if everyone that could have voted did?

The SU Elections at Beckett isn’t much different. We have 24,000 students are our wonderful university, and last year only 14,000 of them voted. The people that are involved within the Student Union are the ones that make some very important decisions on the student population – on matters like welfare, education, equality, diversity and more. It also affects the way in which you are represented to the University, the Government and other organisations.

The only way that you can make change is to vote for the candidate that you believe will bring in the best policies and improve life at university for the better.

Please find all the information on the candidates here: , make sure you’re well informed about who your voting for – this is not a popularity contest, this will affect the university, so it’s not just your life that it will impact.

Voting opens February 29th, and I’ve made it easy for you, do it


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