Deaf Film

Written by Raabia Hussain

Leeds Beckett Students’ Union is proud to be celebrating Deaf Awareness week, which runs from the 2nd to 8th of May, 2016. Events are held at the University to raise awareness of Deafness, Hearing Impairments and Hearing Loss.

In the United Kingdom alone there are 11 million people who are deaf, many of which have a first language as British Sign Language (BSL).


I am a filmmaker and scriptwriter and myself am Deaf. My aim is to promote social inclusion and I love films, like most people. My passion really lies in film-making, to follow my dream and become successful there are barriers, which must be broken down or overcome. My goals are to show ‘silent’ or ‘sign language films’ and deaf actors, directors and screenwriter’s skills to the wider audience.

Deaf film is a film type, which is made by deaf people, and deaf actors who use sign language during the film play the main characters. Deaf film is full of visual and expressive body language, which enhances the audience’s experience. The art form or technique of making deaf films is to define and explore what deaf life is like through film. It allows the audience to perceive the deaf world where normally they cannot and to imagine a world in which they cannot hear and is full of silence. Silence is a powerful technique in films. Deaf films are generally full of deaf culture and beautiful visual art through sign language.


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