Fitness Challenge: The Barbell beast challenge

Written by Dan Wood, Sports Editor


Summer 2016 has been a good one hasn’t it. Great Britain has done brilliantly at the Rio Olympics and look to do the same at the Paralympics, festival season is in full swing and we’ve actually had decent weather!

However as a certain ex-lord of Winterfell has a habit of saying, winter is coming. Before that though there is a more pressing and arguably more important event on the horizon… FRESHERS!



So I have come up with a fitness challenge, to help everyone get ready for freshers and burn off the many “beverages” of the summer festivals.

Name The Barbell Beast
Equipment Barbell (obviously), Stopwatch, something to record your reps with (blackboard, paper + pen etc.), alarmed timer (most apple products have one).
Goal Perform 100 reps of barbell thrusters (see notes) in as quick a time as possible.
Description 1.       Set timer to an alarmed repeat so that it bleeps every minute, or place it so you can see the countdown.2.       Start stopwatch to record total time.

3.       At the beginning of minute perform 5 burpees (chest to floor, press up or tuck jump burpees if you’re fit enough).

4.       After the 5 burpees, perform as many barbell thrusters you can over the remainder of the minute.

5.       When the alarm goes off record your total number of thrusters and then restart the timer for 1 min.

6.       Repeat steps 3-5 until you reach 100 reps.

Notes –        A barbell thruster involves bringing a barbell into a front squat positon as a down phase and pressing it overhead as an upward phase. For best results ensure correct hand position and breathing in on the down phase & out on the up phase.–        Don’t overload the bar, remember you have to be able to safely front squat and press this weight above your head 100 times in a fatigued state. Personally I use between 30-35kg as a total weight.

–        If you cannot do or don’t want to do barbell thrusters you can easily use a different exercise such as; kettlebell/dumbbell clean and press, deadlifts, squats, you can even do this on a running track or in the pool if you change the format slightly (touch the bottom of the pool 5 times or tread water instead of burpees and swimming lengths instead of thrusters).




Give it a go and feel free to share your results. Here is mine.

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