The pressure to keep fit in an unfit world

Written by Jaymee-lee Tolliday


Let’s be honest. We all wish we were a little bit skinnier, a little bit fitter and ate a little bit healthier. I know I personally want all of these things, and I know many other students that do too. But is this even possible when you have rent to think of, a harsh student loan and live in walking distance of a 24 hour McDonald’s?

I also don’t know about anybody else but I for one follow way too many fitness and work out pages on Instagram. The kinds of pages that I scroll through, looking at pictures of girls in the gym working out hard as I stuff my face with Doritos. The kinds of pages that I look at and think ‘yeah, I’m definitely signing up to the gym tomorrow!’ and just for reference, I still haven’t joined the gym.

There is a lot of pressure placed on audiences, both male and female, to get fit. To reach a certain level of fitness and maintain it through whatever, but in all honesty is that really what audiences want?

See I’m certain, and correct me if I am wrong, that most audiences are happy the way they are. They tell themselves they’re going to make a change an go for a run in the morning but in reality they choose to stay in bed and binge watch the weeks episodes of Hollyoaks whilst drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits. I don’t believe this is because people are lazy. If people truly wanted to make a change they would. I believe that we are just surrounded by attractive images of fit gym goers and feel a pressure to say, ‘some day that will be me.’

Maybe some day that will be us ‘lazy’ people who choose fast food takeout over carb filled plates covered in green’s and fat free sauces.

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