An Unreasonable Dream (Slam Poem)

Written by Zee Younus



Would you like to wear my skin?

Zip me open and climb right in?

Peel me from my veins and keep yourself warm and secure?

No? Well, are you sure?

Because it’s hard to believe you while you

Feast on faultless flesh you call your meat

The fleece of my fallen friends upon your feet


Friends, yes, my friends

The friends you skinned for comfort

The friends that can’t see their mothers

The friends who die for your stomach

My friends are unlike any others

My friends are mute

They can’t give consent

Real living creatures, or did you forget?


When you were washing our blood out of your sink,

Did you ever really think

That children are children

And not just things

And beings… are beings

No matter the vessel

Lives you ground up with a mortar and pestle


But maybe I’m being too harsh,

You need your b12

That’s why you reach for my friend on the shelf

It’s for your health, your physical self

Dairy is making you die inside

But it’s for your health, it’s for your health

It’s okay that you’re blinded by pride

Because bleeding babies is not your agenda


So why not wear my skin and eat my flesh?

Peel the layers until you see my beating heart

Take a bite of your mangled work of art

Let your animalistic tendencies soar

But “oh the injustice!”  the masses will roar

Upheaval and anarchy

Because I am human

Sitting atop this bullshit hierarchy


My friends and I, we don’t agree

With loving eyes and internal screams

We whisper, we entreat,

A simple song, a basic plea

“Please just don’t kill me.”


See this poem performed here!

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