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Written by Ashley Byford



The Speech and Language Therapy are really excited about hosting this educational documentary film about a boy with autism and how he made sense of the world, through Disney no less.

I’ve spent most of my days blaming my obsession with Disney films for distorting my own concept of reality.  I’m supposed to be a princess, undoubtedly I’ll get into trouble at some stage, but I’ll be alright, because I’ll be rescued by my prince; that one kiss will then change the world and I’ll get my happily ever after.  Of course my best friends will always be animals that talk and help me out and together life will be peachy.  Of course life itself isn’t quite like that, or perhaps it is.

I am so pleased to find out that for all the upset Disney has caused in my life, it’s completely utterly made someone else’s completely 100% bearable against the odds.  And this incredible docufilm demonstrates just how much good the world of film and animation can do, proving a means of communication and making sense of the senseless for Owen.

So before you join us to watch it, here’s the basic need to know on Autism.  Autism is lifelong learning disorder, and is referred to as a spectrum condition.  This simply means that although they may share certain difficulties, each individual with autism is unique.  Those with autism spectrum condition (ASC) may have difficulties with communication and often find it hard to relate to other people and make sense of the world around them.

And that is why this film is so intriguing.  I’m so in awe of the concept that Disney has helped provide a platform to enable Owen to communicate with others, and I cannot wait to share this fantastic documentary with as many people as possible.

I hope you can join us for the showing of this film, regardless of whether you’re a speech and language therapy student or studying any of the other Allied Health Professions courses at the university, or even Social Work, Play Work, Education or any other course, all you need is an interest in autism, Disney, and life!

The film will be shown on Friday 21st October in Woodhouse GO1 and will cost £2 for non members of the speech and language therapy society and FREE for members.

If you would like to become a member of the speech and language therapy:–2

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