Catfish and the Bottlemen: Reviewed

Written by Megan Lowes

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Catfish and the Bottlemen released their second album The Ride’ earlier this year and what I’ve respected the most about this album is that the lads still kept the simple and roaring beauty that they had in ‘The Balcony’. The album is slick, polished and full of energy and of course it doesn’t fall short of Van’s impressive lyrics. Now listening to this album while drinking a cup of tea is beautiful, but imagine these songs live surrounded by hundreds of other Catfish diehard fans, pure bliss.

Even before the Catfish lads came onto the stage the audience was full of excitement and adrenaline, chanting and already beginning to sing Pacifier before a chord had even been played. Then as soon as the first note from Homesick was strung the crown exploded with song, screams and dancing and I’ve never been to a gig that radiated such passion from the outset and just grew throughout. The band seemed to reflect the same energy us geordies were giving off and it was a relationship between band and fan that I’ve never witnessed before. The love and sheer rush that the lead singer Van McCann brought to the stage with every single song is something I will not forget. And playing hit after hit, and even tracks from their debut album you can tell everyone was just having so much fun.

via The Guardian
via The Guardian

This performance was obviously for the fans that have been around since the start and Van did keep making that reference by opening particular songs with “this for anyone that bought our first album” but the way this gig felt and the way it was performed I seriously think someone who only knew two of their songs could have still had the time of their life at this gig.

Catfish and the Bottlemen are known to have an immense stage presence and they definitely do, every song was delivered with the same charm and cheekiness that is heard throughout the whole album. You can tell these Brit lads haven’t lost any of their love or dedication to performing or song writing as they haven’t dramatically changed their sound or the way they perform. I mean even the album art reflects what The Balconyrepresented, that being simple, true and raw music.

Check out The Ride’ out now.

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