Discover Islam Week

Written by ISOC Society

Edited by Holly Barr 


Here’s what ISOC had to say about their Discover Islam Week…

ISOC this year presented Discover Islam week from 13th – 17th February with events and stalls. The main purpose for this event was to share the true knowledge and essence of Islam, and promote peace amongst all. Through the week, we had a stall where booklet and leaflets were handed out, which stated the basics of Islam and sharing to those who are Non-Muslim, what Islam truly is and how it spreads peace within ones inner self and amongst each other.

The stall also had some Asian snacks and Henna for a bit of entertainment and art.


We had two main events. The first was a the talk from the President of Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. He spoke about how people from different faiths are associated with each other and how friendship brings peace. He mentioned how this has been going on since the time of prophets till this day.

The second was a talk by Ali Dawah and Muhammad Hijab. They shared the knowledge of the structure of the Quran, science, and how to promote Islam or talk about Islam to those who may not be familiar with Islam and Muslim. This then followed by an open Q and A session where they answered questions regarding Islam such as marriage, criticism and humbleness.


These events were very beneficial to both Muslims and Non- Muslims. It gave us stories and knowledge on Islam and what it teaches us as well as peacekeeping with all. Discover Islam Week has been a great for us as a team as it’s taught us more about our own religion, bought us together for a final event, and also cherish our last event together as a team. We have been extremely happy with the turn outs of the events and hope this continues in the following years.

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