Logan: What does it mean for future superhero films?

Written by Harry Walters

Edited by Holly Barr

Brutal, bloody and emotional. These are three key words I’d use to describe Logan, there’s no way around it. With the success of 2016’s, Deadpool, we’ve seen R rated, that’s a 15 to us here in the land of playing football with our feet, and pants meaning both under pants and rubbish, and NOT TROUSERS!… Sorry about that. We’ve seen that an R rated super hero film can work. The only fear I have is that, will the super hero universes be dominated by them, where once they were a lovely addition to the palette and not all there is to have, dominating the industry and becoming bland.

To get this version of the film made where the blood and guts are all turned up to 11 Huge Jackman agreed to take a pay cut. Higher rated films don’t do as well at the box office compared to others so the studio had to reduce the budget in order to try and make a better profit margin.

To this, I say well done! In a world where money is seen to be everything, where that way of thinking can get in the way of progression, having someone be willing to make a small sacrifice for their art is something to pay attention to. And that all the blood and core is really cool to see on the big screen. This has given us the Wolverine film we all deserve and have been waiting a long time for.

With this in mind what can we expect from future super hero films? I don’t think that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will be doing this. They’re a Disney property after all, they can only push the envelope so far. Fox will continue to go down this path as they have Deadpool and X-Men. They also have the Fantastic Four, but with their latest film performing horrendously I can’t see them releasing a new film anytime soon.

DC movies can move to this style comfortably; their films have been their trademark “Dark and Gritty” for a long time now. Going that extra mile with strong language more blood and violence shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

All in all, I do want to see more R rated super hero films, but only the right ones and not doing it for the sake of it. Having the right characters in there for the right reasons will create the best films. Many of the super hero films we’ve seen do really well by focusing on comedy, drama, thriller elements and more.


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