The World of the BeMedia Society

Interviewee; Lara Whittaker 

Edited by Holly Barr 


Lara gave us a quick insight into what BeMedia is, the society as a whole and her experience of being part of it. 

  1. Tell us a bit about the society.

BeMedia is a student led society focusing on media, including the three areas, online articles, radio and TV. We have the freedom to be creative outside of our courses, so we welcome anyone from any course who has an interest in being part of the team.

  1. How did you get involved in the society?

I was looking to start a radio show in first year with my friend and messaged the current VP Activities Harry Walters, who was then the station manager. From then I have taken that role in BeRadio and also have been involved in editing for BeTv. One of the advantages of BeMedia is that you can have the freedom of that.

  1. What is your society’s main aim?

To give students from any subject a chance and the facilities to create their own creative content and a platform to promote it.

  1. What is the importance of your society in university and the public domain?

To promote the value of media in university.

  1. How has being part of this society changed your university experience?

I’ve been more involved in the students union, have the opportunity to be on student council and forum as well as meeting more like minded people.

  1. What is the best part in your personal opinion, about being in your society?

The freedom to be creative without having to do an essay on it.

  1. Has anything changed this year in your society, or in the world that has effected you?

Nothing in particular for the society on personally.

  1. Have you got any campaigns or events happening for the rest of the year, or have already happened?

BeMedia Promo week, where we launched new logos and the new website. We also had events on that week including the BeRadio day where we podcasted new shows with societies, such as RAG and the rowing society. These can be found on the mixcloud

  1. As you joined in 1st year, how do you see the society in a years time?

Would like to see a range of people getting involved and creating new fun projects.

  1. If someone would want to get involved how could they do this

BeMedia website –

Sign Up! –

BeMedia Message Board –

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