He just can’t stop talking about Logan!

Written by Harry Walters

Edited by Holly Barr 

Our VP Activities really just can’t stop talking about Logan, here is his film review this time around! 

We open to see our hero, Logan, waking up while his car is being vandalised. Where normally we’d see him be quick to react and give his trademark cool exterior, a sort of calm before the storm type feel. We see him slowly get up and out of his car and get bested by the gang of thugs, until he finally releases the beast. Not even five minutes into the film and we know that the whole two plus hours install for us are going to be brutal, bloody and emotional.

It’s certainly the most grounded X-men film we’ve seen. One huge thing that highlights this, for me at least, is the fact that Logan is trying to save up money. Never before have we seen anyone from the X-men mention money, either because they are already well funded to do what they need or by other means. The main way that it’s so grounded is that the scale has been taken way down from previous films which helps bring the audience in for what will be an emotional ride.

After the opening we learn that Logan is taking care of an ailing Professor X, Charles Xavier. What was once one of the most powerful mutants in the world with fantastic mental abilities, is now a weak old man with a neurodegenerative disease. His is no longer in control of his abilities which has dangerous implications to those around him.

Ahead of them is a chase across the country. Logan, Charles and Laura/X-23 (who turns out to be his daughter) must out run the Reavers led by Donald Pierce. The Reavers are a private security force hired by Transigen who have been experimenting on children cloned from mutants. As well as being responsible for the drop in mutant births. These children were to be a new weapon controlled by Transigen but upon the completion of the X-24 project they were deemed obsolete. So they were to be terminated by the Reavers, which is why they are chasing Laura, Logan and Charles.

During their travels the trio are welcomed in by a family called the Munsons. It is during this scene where we are dealt a heavy blow, especially for long time X-men fans. Charles is killed by a clone of Logan. For me when it first happened it didn’t seem real, there was no way that his death could be like that. It was so quick; we are then forced to see him slowly succumb to his wounds.

After these events we see Logan bury the man who has been there, to help rebuild his mind and give his life purpose. Stood there at his grave Logan does start to show his sadness, but after a reaction from Laura, he walks towards their truck. I can only imagine that his original intention was to drive off without Laura. Due to it not starting and taking his anger out on the wing mirror he collapses on the ground.

Logan 1.2

Later on the two make it to Eden. It turns out the other children that has escaped Transigen all got there to travel to the Canadian border together, but had split up to help avoid detection by the Reavers. The following battle sees Logan fight for the freedom of the children, killing so many of the Reavers and fighting the X-24 clone of himself. With the help of Laura in killing X-24, Logan is mortally wounded, seeing that his healing factor can’t keep up with the damage he has taken, Laura sits with him until he finally dies.

For me, this film was a tough one to watch. To watch this character, we’ve been with for 17 years, have to drag themselves from place to place, and really struggle through fights that previously we’d see them breeze through without a second thought. Its heart wrenching to watch at times. It’s a perfect send off to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. I think it will be a long time until I can bring myself to watch it again because it’s so heavy.

It of course leaves the very big question of Who will play Wolverine now? There’s no way that Logan is going to be the last film with Wolverine in, he’s the X-men poster boy, they can’t be done with him now.


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