Lectures, Body Weight in VK’s and 9ams

Written by Courtney Castle, 2nd Year English Literature Student. 

Edited by Holly Barr

Article 1

With Christmas and dark evenings a distant memory, the vision of beer gardens and the rare Leeds sun becomes slowly within our reach; we find ourselves reflecting on the end of another academic year. Eek! Whether it be sticking to your New Year resolution to attend every lecture, a new year a new you, right? Or your vow to actually start your assignment prior to the twenty-fours in which it is due; on a topic you have no knowledge (after all staying in bed and binge-watching Peaky Blinder’s was way more important than that lecture on Renaissance England right?). We often find ourselves asking ‘what the hell happened?’

Was it the executive decision you made to consume your bodyweight in VK’s at Space, knowing full well your 9am becomes more and more unlikely with every sip? Or maybe it was the classic ‘I’m not writing my assignment on it so it’ll be useless anyway’ line, used by many to convince your course mates that staying in bed is totally not a bad decision. Whatever excuse you convince yourself with, none of it matters when we’re sat in the exam room thinking the same thought: ‘damn it! ‘Why didn’t I go to that lecture?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: sure, we are all guilty of missing at least one lecture but hey we pay £9,000 a year for this! Missing that one seminar, because of a Disney marathon (which let’s face it, is admittedly much more appealing) wastes £350! That’s enough to buy a lifetimes supply of Jagerbombs, I know which I’d prefer! Students of Leeds Beckett continue to do fulfil your partying AND educational needs. After all intoxicated lectures notes make a pretty interesting read right? You got this people, don’t hate, educate!

*mic drop*

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