Your New VP Education

Interviewee: Jack Harrison

Edited by: Holly Barr

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Newly elected VP Education for 2017/18 answered some questions about the forthcoming year…

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello I’m Jack, I am a third year Games Design student that has had the joy of games drained from this course, I have been interested in this position for the past year and decided to run with no clear intention of winning. I am from Cheshire and hate to admit I prefer the country to the city.

2. Does 1GB of storage effect all courses at the university or is it just specific courses? What is the reason for it not being increased previously?

All students at Leeds Beckett receive 1GB of storage with students within the AET faculty having an additional 10GB. I believe that 1GB is not enough for the average student with submissions becoming more digital. AET students have files that can be 500MB+ which can eat up storage very quickly.

3. Module information being released earlier seems fairly simple. Why do you think it is released later than expected?

Module information is released by the tutors, it depends on how long it takes for tutors to create the briefs.

4. With Wednesday afternoons off how are you going to ensure interruption doesn’t occur, especially when some students are in around 12 hours a week if not more?

There are plenty of rooms around the university that are empty throughout the day, we would have to optimise room allocation and ensure that all courses have the resources and facilities they require.

5. How are you going to get university lecturers and tutors out of their old ways to adopt your idea of personal feedback rather than generic?

I believe that feedback should be tailored to the individual’s piece of work already, some courses do give detailed personal feedback, but from talking to students it is not all courses. Knowing that feedback isn’t makes me believe that students are not getting the most out of their studies as they should be.

6. How would you explain what a Sconul card is to a student that is unsure?

A Sconul card is something that any student can apply for, it grants access to other libraries around Leeds and the facilities that are available.

7. Describe the approach you are going to take for this role

I plan to interact with students daily, around campus and the office taking on feedback and listening to what change students want, I will support other execs with their policies and build a strong team between us.

8. If you had to choose, what policy in your campaign, are you are going to do first?

I would like to complete my Individualised Feedback policy first, from speaking to students during the campaigning week that is what most students I talked to agreed on.

9. How are you going to make a difference to the Students Union and University?

I want to increase the reach of the Students Union and make it more visible to students, most students don’t know about the Students Union and what it can offer.


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