Marcus, Maths and Music

Interviewed and Edited: Lara Whittaker

Interviewee: Marcus Campbell



An interview with Marcus, the deputy station manager for BeRadio, he explains the contrast of his course life with his society life.

What’s your role in BeMedia and how else are you involved in the Students’ Union?

My role is deputy station manager for the BeRadio station and I am the BeMedia Student council representative. I’m also a member of a few other societies in the SU.

What course do you do and how has that affected, if at all, your ability to get involved in the media society?

I am studying civil engineering at university, but it hasn’t got in the way of me joining a society which has nothing to do with my course.

How did you get involved in BeMedia?

I started out with BeMedia in my first year when I made a radio show and then became deputy station manager later on.

What would you say to anyone who wants to get involved, particularly from an academic course?

You don’t have to be doing a media related course to join this society. For me it is a break from the academic side of university and is something that I have enjoyed. If you are interested in filming, writing articles, music or just radio talk-shows this is a perfect way to get involved and pick up a new hobby.

If you would like to join BeMedia or find out more about what we do, visit here to find all the info


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