Interviewed and Edited: Lara Whittaker Interviewee: Maz Maz is a student blogger who focuses on women and Black and ethnic identity. Here she talks a bit more about what drives her passion for writing. She is currently running a project ‘Womanization’ which explores the place of women in society. What made you […]

Life behind the blog

Written by ISOC Society Edited by Holly Barr  Here’s what ISOC had to say about their Discover Islam Week… ISOC this year presented Discover Islam week from 13th – 17th February with events and stalls. The main purpose for this event was to share the true knowledge and essence of […]

Discover Islam Week

Written by Megan Lowes Edited by Charlotte Crouch Since becoming a first-year student there’s a few phrases I come to hear a lot, and one of them is the favourite “it’s only first year”. Even I use this phrase when I’ve come to the point of giving up on an […]

“It’s Only First Year”