Literary Corner

Written by Lara Rose Streams of consciousness; Streams of gold, Streams of magic dust; Streams of old. Streams of love, Streams of passion, Streams of joyful bliss, betwixt two passing beats. Streams of melted ice, Streams of chocolate mice, Streams of music spice, the piper he doth bid. Streams of […]


Written by Jodie  Champaneria If I was a writer, pens wouldn’t lay parched as I fumble on weighted keys. their lids wouldn’t be lost and overlooked, waiting for walks to be footed and tea to be poured. or for wine bottles to be drunk and painted. pages wouldn’t be left half-written […]

Two for a Pound

Written by Boz You once told me, “Life’s what you make it,” But in order to succeed, I’d have to fake it. I’ve learnt all I know from you who I trusted, Clueless yourself, my mind you’ve corrupted. On numerous occasions you put him first; I’m so full of anger, […]

Growing Up