Hot off the heels of WWE being in town about 2 weeks ago another wrestling show came into town recently. Tidal Championship Wrestling is for fans of ‘indie’ professional wrestling and was hosted at The Cockpit.

TCWMatch 1; The first match featured someone that I have heard of through seeing him on television. ‘Party’ Marty Scurll vs. the Lion Kid. At first the crowd needed to be riled up and Marty did a really good job of that. I was unsure as to whether this show was going to be more hard knocks or the more comedy and crowd interaction and it from the beginning was shown that this was going to be a fun show. Marty was definitely the star of this match, and it actually gave me a completely different view of him from what I had seen on tv. Winner; ‘Party’ Marty Scurll.

Match 2; The second match was presented by the British Bombshells and was a women’s triple threat match. The participants included Leah Von Dutch, Violet O’Hara, and Lana Austin. The match was okay, they used the ring well and even came outside of the ring into the crowds a little bit and used the outside of the ring to their advantage. Winner; Leah Von Dutch.

TCWMatch 3; Match number three was a tag team match. This match featured American wrestler Adam Cole teaming with Mike Haskins to face Martin Kirby and Kris Travis. Cole and Haskins were an immediate favourite in this match. For a good few minutes there was a lot of joking about but once the match got underway it was very good. They were lots of fun to watch and some good moves that we hadn’t seen yet from other matches. Haskins took a brunt of the beating with Cole coming in for the save towards the end. Towards the end of the match there was a lot of back-and-forth between all participants. Winner; Cole and Haskins.

TCWMatch 4; After a brief intermission we came back for the next match which saw local wrestler Liam Lazarus face off with Dave Mastiff. In every city this tour is going to Mastiff is facing someone local and tonight was no exception. Most of the crowd chanted Yorkshire and wanted to be behind local guy Liam, but he really had no chance against Mastiff. Mastiff used his sheer size to dominate the the local, although I have to give him credit for getting a few moves in such as the pictured leg drop. Winner; Dave Mastiff.

Match 5; The fifth match saw American wrestler Chuck Taylor face off with El Ligero. This match truly went around the venue, outside of the ring the guys took it to where the door/ bar is on one side and then to the stage on the other side of the room. Ligero showed off some more high flying skills by even diving off the stage on to Taylor. Winner was Chuck Taylor.

Match 6; The last match was the one that undoubtedly everyone was waiting for and that was Colt Cabana vs Rampage Brown. Colt Cabana was the main draw for this card and is probably the most well known indie wrestler that there is. Rampage comes out with the complete heel attitude fighting with the crowd, Colt made lots of jokes and was absolutely hilarious from the outset. Once the match got underway there were a lot of good moves, especially for guys of their size. Everyone of course got behind Colt once he played on best friend CM Punk’s finishing move the ‘go to sleep’ and used it to win the match. Winner; Colt Cabana.

When I was thinking about this show beforehand and reading comments after some shows had announced they were cancelled, I was honestly a little worried, but after the show it is safe to say I am pleasantly surprised. Although it was not the serious hard hitting bumps sort of show, it was a good laugh and a bit of fun. There was a decent draw of a crowd which had not just fans, but other local wrestlers and trainers too. It is definitely something different to go to and worth a check out again.